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Archive for May 2018

Flushing toilets using bottled water

Seriously, flushing toilets using bottled water??  How insane is that.   A rhetorical, indignant question/statement/judgement from Bart’s sister, Lisa Simpson. For many years the Coriolis effect was the almost only and very singular reason for watching the flush in a toilet bowl.  They say (Gary Larsen knows who […]

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Gugile Nkwinti

A warm welcome to our new and suitably qualified Minister of Water Affairs and Sanitation, Mr Gugile Nkwinti. Gauging from media accounts, it appears that Mr Nkwinti has inherited a very troubled and financially unstable department. This might be an unfair reflection and let’s hope that the new […]

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Free potable water from the Antarctic

Magnificent ice berg view from the Antarctic.  Once again the peculiar nature of water is revealed.  Two strange properties leap to mind.  When water freezes, it expands. And with expansion comes an increase in volume with no loss in mass.  The extra volume allows the frozen water, […]

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