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Aeration of waste water

Mechanical aeration is an important component in biological treatment of waste water.  Aerobic biological systems are required if the COD concentration of the desired water quality is to be anything under 1000 mg/l. There are numerous factors that determine the amount of air required, these being typically;
  • COD and ammonia load (for design purposes these parameters are measured in kg/d)
  • Height above sea level
  • Operating temperature
  • Geometry of tank and water depth
  • Choice of equipment
For high organic loading rates, HWT makes use of a blower and diffuser dome arrangement.  Typically, the delivery rate of this type of aeration system, at the selected water depth, is approximately 2kgO/kWhr.
Diffuser is sections 01

Diffuser dome 250mm in diameter comprised of backing ring, membrane and support.

Diffusers at Origin 01

Aeration manifold arrangement secured to the floor of an aerated bioreactor.