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nKomazi Game Lodge

nKomazi Game Lodge

Supply of potable water to a game lodge in the Limpopo
Fully automated treatment of river water.  Unit processes include;
  • pH adjustment
  • flocculation
  • settling
  • filtration
  • disinfection
Sustained pressure supply included.
Commissioned in 2018
Copper mine in Panama

Copper mine in Panama

Rotostab lime dosing installation for ore leachate treatment
Installed 2018
Treatment rate is 75 kl/hr


Project in progress
Scaled version of the John Todd Eco-Machine


Sewage treatment plant for a copper mine, serving 1000 people
Commissioned in 2017
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Hilton Hotel - Nigeria

Hilton Hotel – Nigeria

Commissioned in 2016
Domestic sewage and catering effluent
Industrial effluent

Industrial effluent

Installed 2016
Treatment of effluent with high fats, oil and grease content
Winery effluent treatment

Winery effluent treatment

Installed in 2016
Treatment of sewage and winery effluent
Maholela - Mozambique

Maholela – Mozambique

Commissioned in 2015
Groundwater treatment for potable use
Koeberg - rental unit

Koeberg – rental unit

Portion of rental unit heading to ESCOM's Koeberg site
Installed 2015
Sabi River

Sabi River

Potable water treatment plant - 2014
MSC Depot

MSC Depot

Commissioned in October 2014
10 kilolitres per day domestic sewage treatment plant
Kipoi camp site - sewage treatment plant

Kipoi camp site – sewage treatment plant

Supplied in 2014
2 x 50 kl/d sewage treatment plants
Design standard is DWA General Limit
Kipoi camp site - potable treatment plant

Kipoi camp site – potable treatment plant

Potable water treatment plant for 300 people at a copper mine in the DRC
Water source is a nearby river, mostly silted and generally contaminant free

Commissioned in 2014
Xinavane, Mozambique

Xinavane, Mozambique

100 kl/d potable water treatment plant
Supplied in 2013


Constructed in 2012
Portion of AMD supplied to Proxa (Pty) Ltd
Abosso Gold Mine, Ghana

Abosso Gold Mine, Ghana

Commissioned in 2002

Potable water treatment plant for mine process area
Water abstracted from nearby river - high micro-biological contamination


Sewage treatment plant 50 kl/d
Installation in Kannaland, Karoo 2001

Halfweg is the half way stop over on the Sishen Saldanha railway line - a small community of Transnet employees.