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Field Service

Our effluent treatment plants operate on a biological principal, whereby naturally occurring biomass is cultivated in an engineered environment. At start-up we stress that the treatment plants require a small amount of regular attention.  Due to the nature of the application, the treatment plant works hardest when the users are most busy.  As a consequence the waste water treatment plant is often neglected. Most of the waste water we deal with is biologically degradable and it is important to ensure that the biomass is satisfactorily maintained.  Factors that harm the biomass and could result in incomplete treatment include;
  • Under-aeration
  • pH imbalances  - particularly when lime is not added to the system
  • Nutrient deficiencies.
  • Excessive use of cleansing chemicals
The monitoring service we offer includes the following
  • Weekly site visit (frequency determined by application)
  • Collation of flow data
  • Biomass assessment.  This will include settleability tests, wastage if required and on site pH measurement.
  • Collection of treated effluent sample and delivery to an accredited laboratory for testing.
  • Monthly report on treatment plant performance, including operational recommendations
Effluent sampling is not only a requisite for ISO 14001 accreditation, but is also a Department of Water Affairs and IPW requirement.
Pump and tripod

22 kW pump with tripod

Submersible pump post repairs. A messy business pulling this out of the soup, which flows everywhere when the pump is not working.