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Global warming

Global warming, global warning is hidden in language.  The latin word for a stream is rivus.  The latin name of a person sharing a stream is rivalis.  In the 16th century, the word rival started to acquire a competitive meaning.  The 16th century is the era of queen Elizabeth I,  Shakespeare and Martin Luther. And just deserts.  People abandon inhospitable lands, they desert areas of discomfort.  The deserted areas are called deserts.   The latin word to forsake - that is to give up or relinquish, is deserere.  A word very similar to desire, but meaning the polar opposite. There is much debate regarding global warming.  The consensus among scientists is that severe drought and storm events are occurring on far a more regular basis.  These are easily measurable events and accurate data stretches back hundreds of years.  The increasing frequency of severe climate events can be simplistically linked to the thermodynamic rule stating that "hot air rises".  When hot air rises, due to warming of the earth or sea, the ambient pressure drops and because, to quote another thermodynamic rule, "nature abhors a vacuum", cooler air moves in to restore balance.  When the rate of temperature increase speeds up relative to the cooling influence of the polar caps, the rate at which equilibrium is recovered speeds up commensurately.   This rate of recovery - the need to reach thermal equilibrium is manifested in the storm event. Calm after the storm - the Swiss family paddle to shore with new recruits Fan and Turk    

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