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Treatment Process

In most cases, industrial effluent is discharged to Municipal sewer.  Local Municipalities issue discharge limits and in the main these limits are achievable.  Industries located outside Municipal infrastructure need to ensure that discharge standards are within the DWA limits. Limits that are difficult to achieve include COD and EC reduction. For biodegradable effluents with high COD concentrations biological processes can be expensive and difficult to operate.  In a food production facility frequent sanitizing procedures play havoc with treatment plants.  At the moment biological processes are generally employed for reduction of biodegradable COD. Industrial effluent is very site specific.  In many cases we conduct lab scale trials before design and construction. The holy grail of industrial effluent treatment is the recovery of a useful by-product.  This could be in the form of precious metal precipitation, bio-fuel or protein.   Effluent in the sea