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Its all about the light – algal blooms

Algal bloom Green algae is a plant that sustains itself from carbon dioxide, sunlight and nutrients (primarily nitrogen and importantly phosphorous).  In marvellous alchemy algae (and all other plants) convert light energy into chemical energy.  The same chemical energy sustains the algae's growth and activity.  The real wizards in the process are proteins in the plant which absorb light energy.  Proteins are long chain molecules, requiring nutrients. For an algal bloom to occur there needs to be excessive amounts of nutrients and light energy. In a dam, ingression of nutrients occurs from vegetation that grows in and around the water.  Grass cuttings, leaves and sticks find their way into the dam, adding to the nutrient load. So at any time, a dam will have lots of nutrients.  When a heat wave occurs, there is more sunlight, with more light energy.  When this happens algal growth and activity is accelerated. To prevent algal growth, only one of the major ingredients needs to be removed.  This is however rather difficult.

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