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Process maintenance

Water treatment plants vary in complexity in proportion to their designated tasks.  As a rule, HWT treatment plants are fully automated.  Mechanically they tick over from day to day ad infinitum.   To keep the treatments plants in top form, some type of process monitoring is required.  This can be achieved via instrumentation and remote data transfer - or via operator interface.

Delta trap 01

Dr Piaget's Delta trap - designed to collect lees and filter powder from wine cellar waste water

For biological treatment systems a regular site visit is our preferred process maintenance method.  Using cloud based technology, HWT plant operators record flow and process data.  This information is instantly uploaded to a central server.  Each month the information is collated in report format and made available to the facility managers and any authorized regulating authority.  Any mechanical issues are resolved by the operator or one of our experienced installation teams.

Fat trap service 01

Ghastly task - servicing an industrial fat trap

In this graph below, pH has been plotted before and after treatment.  Around early June, pH before and after treatment showed similar values.  In this case with undesired results.  A system malfunction occurred that disabled the system for more than a month.  Timeous data  collection alerted management to a potential problem.  A decision was made and the trend was reversed. pH trends 01