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Running out of water – Part 1

Without much debate, one of the hardest pills to swallow, is having no water with which to flush the loo.  If this should be your lot when the taps run dry, a compost toilet could save the day.  Although a squeamish subject, a dry spot for relief is very natural.  Before the intervention of the Victorian Monkey Closet, keeping it dry was the order of the day.  A bit like the QWERTY keyboard, the flush loo has become a feature of modern life.  Is it really necessary to use bottled drinking water to dispatch an unhallowed parcel?  And like the QWERTY keyboard, an arbitrary flush convention was adopted that persists, unchallenged and in many societies even revered. Could it be different?  Is it possible to live without a QWERTY keyboard - or a flushing loo.  Perhaps it is - for both.  As with so many conventions, attitude is the glue that coalesces the signatories.  And like most conventions, a sell-by date is embedded in the small print.

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