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Sewage Pump Station

An effluent pump station provides the important link between the collection point and the effluent treatment plant. To ensure smooth and continuous transfer of effluent, our pump stations are designed and built to ensure uninterrupted duty. Pumps are selected to operate at the required flow and lifting potential.  Choice of pump is dependent on the nature of the effluent. In most cases submersible pumps are chosen for their solids handling ability. To ensure that the pumps are not adversely effected by electrical supply problems, the control panels include phase failure, phase rotation, under and over voltage protection.  Alarm reporting can be a flashing light or SMS notification.  

Installation of a 4m diameter pump sump


1.8m diameter pump sump installation

For packaged and containerized sewage treatment plants, a pump sump is fabricated in 1m sections.  The pump sump is manufactured in mild steel, polyurethane coated and fitted with duck foot bend and guide rail arrangement.
Pump sump on pallet 01

Pump sump on pallet with 100NB inlet

Pump station ENGEN False Bay 01

Pump station with control panel