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Swartland ENGEN One Stop

Lowering a pump, Swartland 2015

Lowering a sewage pump

SHEQ rules OK

The ENGEN One Stop bioreactor program is proceeding smoothly.  In the final stages of the installation, the sewage pumps are lowered into the manhole.

By the end of 2015, Engen will have upgraded the effluent treatment facilities at 7 retail sites.  These sites are situated at some distance from local sewage treatment plants and as such on site effluent treatment is required.  The principal objective of this exercise has been to ensure a compliant treated effluent quality with minimal environmental impact.  Over and above, Engen has chosen to install treatment plants that are robust, unobtrusive and reliable.

Left unattended, liquid effluent is a health hazard that can pollute water-courses, cause odours and contravene legal compliance requirements.  Typically Engen One Stop sites use water in the following ways;

  • Wash basins and toilets
  • Kitchen sinks and dishwashers
  • Floor and counter cleaning
  • Leaks from geysers and irrigation networks

The used water is termed effluent and in general all effluent is discharged from the One Stop Sites via a single pipe.  For obvious reasons, this type of effluent cannot be discharged straight to the environment and some form of management is required.   As the effluent contains a significant portion of inert solid material, septic tanks have been a popular treatment method.  Although the discharge from a septic tank is far from ideal, it more or less guarantees that no recognizable solid items are released into the environment.

It has been acknowledged that numerous ENGEN One Stop sites require improved effluent treatment facilities.  Treatment systems that have been installed in the past have proven inadequate for a variety of reasons.   For several years, Makoya Amanzi has evaluated the performance of existing One Stop effluent treatment plants.  In general, the following challenges have been identified;

  • Accumulation of fat and sludge
  • Awkward handling of screenings material
  • Insufficient process capacity
  • Mechanical / Electrical failure
  • Deterioration of infrastructure
  • Damage to pipes and fittings
  • Weathering of tanks

In providing a solution to these challenges, ENGEN has opted to implement vastly improved on site effluent treatment facilities.  The new and improved effluent treatment plants incorporate concrete sub surface structures that provide minimal visual impact and assured longevity.

An important factor in the treatment of One Stop effluent is need for data collection and client feedback.  Engen has embraced this feature and each treatment site will be regularly visited for process maintenance.   It has been recognized that dealer participation and awareness is key to the success of the treatment plant.

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