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The Crimea, then and now

Roll Call The Roll Call, or Calling the Roll after an engagement, Crimea.  Painted in 1874 by Elizabeth Thompson some 20 years after the event.  For this evocative image, the artist used healthy models.  To the British public this was a depiction of personal horror.  Nothing heroic about the bedraggled survivors.  The title itself is a powerful messenger that mutely honours the dead and lost. A big name in the Crimean war was Florence Nightingale.  Famously Florence pioneered and established professional nursing practice.  Of her various and for us today, obvious methods, included ventilation in the sick wards and provision of clean drinking water.  On reflection it is difficult to imagine that the wounded and sick would be offered anything but clean water. The Roll Call is hanging pride of place in the Royal Collection, a priceless sampling of artwork spread in 13 Royal venues.  

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