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Water Treatment

In the Western Cape ground waters often are discoloured by dissolved organic acids, tend to be low in pH and have varying concentrations of iron and manganese.

Our treatment plants vary in complexity and are designed to make use of the most suitable technology for the application.  For example we are frequently approached to provide a solution for the treatment of Theewaterskloof water.  The Theewaterskloof dam supplies water to much of Cape Town and the surrounding farm lands.  This water is a mixture of river and spring water.  It has varying turbidity, pH and iron content.

For a Municipal size installation flocculation is a viable solution.  However for smaller applications such as a wine cellar or restaurant, alternative technologies are more appropriate.  Although flocculation works well, the addition of flocculant has to be monitored extremely carefully.  Because of the high operator costs, this is not always the best option.

Treatment plants can be skid mounted or fabricated within a shipping container.