Lindiwe Sisulu

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The new minister of Water and Sanitation is Lindiwe Sisulu. Water and Sanitation at National level shares a platform with Human Settlements.

Ms Sisulu has enjoyed an illustrious career (so far).

Lindiwe Sisulu is a South African politician who currently serves as the Minister of Water and Sanitation. She has had a long and distinguished career in public service, having served in various government positions over the years.

One of the notable achievements of Minister Sisulu was her role in the South African government’s negotiation of a new constitution in the early 1990s. As a member of the African National Congress (ANC) negotiating team, she played a key role in the development of the new constitution, which was adopted in 1996.

In recent years, Minister Sisulu has focused her efforts on the water and sanitation sector in South Africa. This is an area of critical importance for the country, as many South Africans do not have access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities. The lack of these basic necessities has a significant impact on public health and wellbeing.

Under Minister Sisulu’s leadership, the Department of Water and Sanitation has undertaken several initiatives aimed at improving access to water and sanitation. For example, the department has implemented a number of projects to repair and upgrade aging water infrastructure, including the construction of new dams and the rehabilitation of existing ones.

In addition, the department has launched a number of programs to increase access to water and sanitation services in underserved areas. These programs include the provision of free water to households that cannot afford to pay for it, as well as the construction of new sanitation facilities in schools and other public places.

Minister Sisulu has also been a strong advocate for the conservation and protection of South Africa’s water resources. She has highlighted the importance of sustainable water management practices, and has called for increased investment in water conservation and reuse.

Overall, Minister Sisulu has been a committed and effective leader in the water and sanitation sector in South Africa. Her efforts have helped to improve access to these essential services for many people in the country, and have contributed to the overall wellbeing of the population.


Previous and current Ministers include;

The DWS was founded in 1912, although then known as the Department of Irrigation.