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Why water

HWT is a turnkey water services provider. The company was founded in 1994 and since then, has successfully designed, built and commissioned in excess of 100 treatment plants.

In general, treatment plants are fully automated, requiring minimal operator intervention.

Our design philosophy consistently favours process and cost efficiency.

Additionally, HWT offers process maintenance and effluent management solutions.


What we are doing now:

2018 is the year that Cape Town dam levels dropped to unprecedented low levels.  The possibility of a day zero loomed large in April, was pushed

out to May, then June and now sometime in 2019.  With dwindling water reserves, Cape Town businesses have been sinking boreholes and examining water re-use options.  If nothing else, Level 6B water restrictions have educated the water using public in ways that far surpass lectures or U-Tube clips.  The upshot of the Zeitgeist is that the demand for alternative water supplies has grown substantially.

Ordinarily our projects cater to customers who are “off the grid”.  Not so any more.

We are presently involved in the treatment and re-use of water for schools, Buildings in the City, Hospitals and residential complexes.

If you would like to re-use water or make use of alternative water source, please get in touch.

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