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Customized filtration

The invention of Hippocrates has been refined, improved and made shiny.   Technology has  not changed much though.  Boiling water is still a guaranteed disinfection method.  Filtration whether the media be sand or synthetic membrane is an effective way to screen out unwanted particles.

Advances in technology now allow screening of all the invisible particles, the smallest compounds that only reveal themselves in laboratory analysis.  These are the dissolved salts, a very broad term that describes molecules consisting of ionically bonded elements.   There are several ways to separate salts from water.  The methods employ either great force, great heat or lots of time.  Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.  The common thread though is that each method requires a substantial energy exchange.  At molecular level, disinfection is achieved via filtration simply because the screening barrier is so fine.  Even viruses are refused passage.