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Package plant – good for the environment

package plantA package plant is a viable solution when a full sized, municipal scaled effluent or wastewater treatment plant is an over the top option.  In general package plants are seen as plug and play, washing machines.  Installation is deemed quick and maintenance perceived a minimum.

For biodegradable effluent treatment, the package plant is hampered by one very important design criterion.  Biological treatment requires a host of process conditions that ensure viable and energetic microbe activity.  These important design criteria include neutral pH, minimal chemical toxicity, sufficient nutrient availability, adequate aeration and ample retention time.  This last factor, retention time, is the one design criterion that will not tolerate any short-cuts.  As good process engineers attest, nature does not like to be rushed.

Package plant

And because retention time is so important, package plants always need to have an important volumetric holding capacity.  So now we have a washing machine that needs to be quite big.  For small applications a modified shipping container will suffice.  In some instances polyethylene tanks are used.  At HWT we prefer not to go down that road.  Although relatively inexpensive, polyethylene reactor tanks are difficult to transport and are limited in size.

As a general rule, treatment of sewage requires at least 24 hours retention.  Wastewater containing organic contamination from the beverage industry require up to 4 days retention for complete treatment. As waste water flows get larger, the structure and holding capacity of the treatment plant has to expand accordingly.  Imagine a sewage or wastewater package plant that can be assembled from blocks – like a lego structure.  This is a viable solution for retention and offers all manner of advantages for speedy construction and future growth plans.

This is the way the SOG trickling filter is constructed.  Piece by piece with very simple expansion options.  In the simplest fashion, SOG trickling filters can be assembled on site within days. Modular package treatment plants offer all manner of advantages – read more..