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Anaerobic and Aerobic

There certainly is a great deal of interest in anaerobic treatment, albeit mostly at the lab scale, though there are a growing number of full-scale systems coming online here too.  Approximately 60 percent of the papers at the last IWA winery wastewater conference were focused on anaerobic systems.

The performance of anaerobic systems can be mixed.  There is no question that there are inhibitory substances in winery wastewater that can upset an anaerobic process (just like it can do with an aerobic process).  My experience is that people don’t always report on the upset conditions, but there is enough information out there to know that this is the case.

There is also limited capability to achieve low level effluent COD with an anaerobic system, which is why you will often see hybrid (anaerobic/aerobic) systems.
And while energy recovery is attractive, it can be expensive and unwieldy for a small facility.
There are exceptions to everything I just said.

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A truly remarkable anaerobic digestion machine.  The colon contains more than 60 varieties of microflora or bacteria to aid digestion and maintain pH (acid-base) balance

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