Sewage treatment oh so easy

Crystal clear - and a single pass

Single pass sewage treatment is all good and well when septic tank effluent is good enough.  If the ground is water saturated, the septic tank effluent will pond.  The attendant smells are not everyone’s cup of tea.  Should the amount of effluent be more than released from a single home, the resultant ponding can be a health menace.

Paying tax and treating sewage are brothers of a sort.  In most instances they are regarded as grudge expenditures.  The lack of economic incentive to spend on sewage treatment is a boon to design engineers.  We want to build a treatment plant that does the job at the lowest price.  Always mindful that “goedkoop is duurkoop” the task at hand is a delicate tight-rope walk.

In our latest iteration, the SOG Trickling filter, is an attempt to provide an economic, reliable and functioning solution to ground water pollution.  In a single pass, raw sewage is transformed to clear, odourless, sparkling water.  The trickling SOG filter ticks many boxes.  There is, however, much room for improvement.  For starters the filter takes up space – no free lunch here.  Tannins in the media lower the pH and impart a lager like hue to the water.