By Belenos

By Belenos!  Gaulish god of the sun and favourite deity of Asterix and Obelix.  Recent studies from the University of Glasgow indicate that the sun not only gives us heat and light, but also water.  That might sound like nonsense, but some interesting research illustrates how this might in fact be the case.

At one time and many years ago, the earth was a dry and inhospitable place.  Somewhere along the line, water appeared and in large volumes.  Today the seas cover roughly 70% of the earth’s surface and to an average depth of 3 kilometers.  It was once reasoned that crashing comets brought large volumes of water to the earth.

The sun emits and has emitted vast amounts of hydrogen and helium atoms.  These atoms radiate into the solar system and beyond.  Inevitably the atoms would strike particles of dust, should such particles be around.  A portion of the hydrogen and helium atoms would grab purchase on these very small particles, hitching a ride to destinations uncertain. Over time and due to the effects of weathering, hydrogen ions would attach themselves to oxygen found in the dust particles.  This hypothesis has been around for some time but only recently has definitive evidence been found.  And this work has been credited to Luke Daley.

We all know that the oceans are made up from drops of water.  Each drop is an aggregate of vast amounts of very small water molecules.  Extrapolate the minute amount of water in a dust particle to a 3 kilometer deep ocean and in one quantum leap, the marvel of compound effect is amply demonstrated.

With this knowledge now confirmed, it would seem that Scorpio and Sagittarius might not be as incompatible as once thought.