Viktor Shauberger (1885 – 1958)

It is tempting to meander down the road of counter-factual, the one less travelled and to ask what would Viktor have to say about the state of the world in 2020.  We know that his contributions, written and in deed, were based on observation.  Hours, days and years of observation.  Observing the behaviour of water,  water cascading, tumbling, erupting, swirling, rotating, sublimating, prostrating and oblating.  Roughly 100 years ago, Viktor Shauberger used his knowledge to demonstrate how a small amount of water could be used to transport much needed timber from inaccessible mountain slopes to a very needy and vanquished populace.  To say his hypothesis hinged on the geometry of the trout would be, well, trite.

What he did observe was that a small amount of energy, applied in an elegant and considered fashion can yield impressive results.  On numerous occasions, alone in the Austrian forests, Viktor was privy to the extra-ordinary up-stream flight of trout from one river pool to the next.  With a seemingly effortless swipe of the tail, a full grown hook nose would propel himself, body and soul, out of the water and through the air, landing with a quiet plop in the next pool  – sometimes 2 meters above.

In lament, we frequently complain that the trials and troubles of life today are akin to chopping down a pear tree with a rubber mallet.  A wise couch potus might chide our lack of initiative and say – have you guys not heard of an axe?

The global, governmental and intellectually infused response to the current crowned crisis, seems, to the unitiated, to be a thorough spanking with a long handled wooden spoon.  Is there not possibly something we can learn from Viktor’s trout?  How can we apply minimal energy with optimal outcomes?  What would Viktor be saying where he to be alive today?

Viktor Shauberger was an Austrian biomimic, a self educated graduate from the University of modest awe.  Inevitably his humble homilies rubbed roasties into the robes of academics, who applied the peer review mechanism to refute his reports and tarnish his trust-worthiness.  Come 1938, the incumbent authorities laid claim to his experimental extrapolations – which included energy releasing (not consuming) air travel.  After May 1945, Viktor was trans-located to the USA.  Unlike his trout, tired and dejected he returned to die in Austria.  Impoverished in pocket and spirit.  His life force plucked from his sternum by opportunists – qui nos salutant vos qui visum ditari velox